Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan Benefit

It's never a pretty picture when disaster strikes and there isn't much we can do to stop mother nature. But we unite and help those directly affected by the outcome. The earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 has left at least 21,000 people dead or missing and thousands homeless. This Thursday night, we can help Japan get back on their feet. LA, stand up!!!

Soul Sessions, Assembly Line Collective, Shake The Hand, DP Sound, LA Beatdown, My Hollow Drum, Root Down, Many more & You!!!

Low Key Featuring DJ Sloe Poke

Every 2nd & 4th Wednesday Night we bring you a Low Key vibe at Carbon. Bringing back all of our feel good 90's r&b favorites. This week I have a special guest DJ filling in for me. He helped us set it off right on our first night & I know he'll take of you this Wednesday Night. DJ Sloe Poke is no joke! Always a good time & always FREE at Carbon in Culver City (9300 Venice Blvd) Get there early for our drink specials!