Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I can really appreciate people who explore the world. I don't mean travel, but really explore and experience other cultures throughout the world. I feel it's almost mandatory in order to grow artistically and help make sense out of life. Any who, I'm not sure what Snoops experience was during the filming of his new documentary, "Reincarnated." But I definitely applaud him for this and look forward to seeing this film. Peep the trailer and the first single's really dope too, check it........


This Thursday Night, my good friend Frantick invited me to spin at Respect for his welcome back party. I know Respect is mostly a drum n base club, but we'll be in there representing our hip hop roots. So, I hope you'll join us. You can RSVP on their $5 list; rsvp.pmam@gmail.com

Monday, July 30, 2012

Beat Junkies!

I've been a little M.I.A. on the blog. My apologies to those that do take the time to visit. Been caught up with life, but always in a good way. Any who, wanted to congratulate the Beat Junkies on their 20th year anniversary (couple weeks ago.) I didn't make it to the anniversary show, but I did catch a snippet when they came by Amoeba to perform. All I can say, WOW, big inspiration! Check 'em out on youtube

MA Doom: Son Of Yvonne

Masta Ace's new album dropped a couple weeks ago. Produced entirely by MF Doom. I'll just get to the point, you need this in your life.